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Sunday Worship


Morning Worship
9:00 am


What should I expect in worship? Our worship services are designed to help everyone connect with God in a way that makes sense and is meaningful. We sing traditional hymns almost exclusively, and occasionally use videos to enhance the experience. The teaching is expository and designed to help us learn together what it means to know Christ and how to apply all of the Bible as the foundation for a successful life. We encourage you to bring your Bible or to use a Bible app on your phone or mobile device, but if you don't have one, the scriptures are provided on the screen for everyone to follow along. 

What should I wear? At FBC Meadville, we are more interested in you personally than in your clothing. Nearly all of our people dress casually. The pastor usually wears either a jacket or tie, but rarely both. We encourage you to dress however is comfortable for you, and either way you will fit in. 

What other activities and opportunities are there for me and my family? The following list includes most, but not all, our regular ministries and partners: